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christina arbini


My love of reading and writing stems from all the books my mom read to me throughout my childhood. This led to devouring just about any book I could get my hands on to feed my vivid imagination and provide me the vehicle through which to travel to far-away worlds and partake in endless adventures. Finally, I found myself needing more...needing to create my own stories.

my writing

From Historical Time Travel and Romantic Suspense to Chick Lit and Women's Fiction, I've written it all. And through each genre I've been able to tap into my true sense of humor and, in some situations, glean ideas from my own experiences. I love to laugh, and love reading books that make me laugh. So, obviously, that's what I enjoy writing, as well. Regardless of the subject manner or plot, my books all share one thing in common—humor.


If I can entertain people, making them laugh out loud and granting them even a brief respite from the chaos of the real world, I've accomplished my goal. After all, laughter is the best medicine!


In my day job I've worked for the past fourteen years in Public Relations for one of the Pacific Northwest's leading branding design and interactive firms.

I continue to write my books during any spare time I can find—lunch hours, nights and weekends—all the while gathering more ideas with each day–to–day experience.

Incorporating my love of travel into my plots remains a key focus in each book. Between that, and pulling from my own life experiences, I never seem to run out of material. Fortunately—or unfortunately—I find my own life is rich with enough oddities that I typically don't have to delve too far into my imagination to come up with even more fodder. But you'll never find me admitting which of my own experiences actually ends up in my books. Let's just leave that one up to the imagination!


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